The concept is that the planet is the result of a collision of two planes of existence, Ichohine(heaven) and Daelor(hell); the light beam is Ichohine’s presence, and the darker surrounding rings are Daelors presence. They are both really just pieces/representations of each dimension, they’re not the whole dimension. They act as portals, or corridors between worlds. Each ring surrounding the cracking planet is a layer of Daelor, and the chunks on the outside edge are physical chunks of Daelor that escaped during the collision. I’m thinking they’re like fields of fire or something 😔😔

In Ichohine’s collision, clouds fell from the heavens and kinda shook the angels that lived on those clouds to Earth, creating the partially mortal denomination of guardian angel(who can switch between planes). I’ll talk more about those guys in a different post heuagh Oh! And there’s a giant spear like crystal that runs through the cracked planet, which is the gods’ attempt to keep that shit together(which clearly isn’t working because it’s crumblier than gas station bread). There’s a couple groups of people that worship it. I’m considering the idea of making a system of caves and mole-like tunnels around the crystal left by primitive societies but idk about dat 🥵

Aestoxus is the mortal plane. It is a result of the two known immortal planes crashing into eachother, creating a bubble in the space time continuum. This bubble contains a singular planet, the only place in the universe where mortal life can naturally develop.

The planet is cracked in half, with a giant crystal spearing it through both poles. This crystal holds the souls of the undirected. It is also the centerpoint at which advancement radiates from. The North and the South both have high population densities at the poles(the Hubs, so to speak), which gets sparser as it reaches the equator. Technology is more advanced the closer you are to the Hubs. Technology is 90s/2000s esq at the Hub, and as you move towards the equator it becomes rudimentary and medieval(no cell phone towers, no cars, no lights or running water, etc). The aesthetics change from a grunge 90s aesthetic, with ornate clothes and 90s cars and phones, to cottagegore and forest punk, with basic clothes and tech, the farther u move to the equator. Some places are light cottagecore, some are dark cottagegore. Its a tossup.